Today’s commercial storefronts require more than an entrance door and showroom windows. New, energy efficient glass and thermally improved metals have changed how buildings are designed. New coatings allow more natural light into the building, reducing the need for artificial light and also lowering solar heat gain. As heat gain lowers, HVAC requirements are also lowered. Up-front construction costs and long-term operational costs are reduced.

  • Retro fitting older buildings with new window and door systems can have a major impact on the curb appeal and also the operational costs on an older building.
  • Computerized estimating and in-house fabrication, along with our experienced installation crews, allow us to reduce lead times and keep your project on schedule.

Whitacre Glass is affiliated with YKK AP America Metals, a leader in energy efficient doors, storefront metal and curtainwall systems. Beginning at the planning stage, we are happy to work with the architect and builder to create the commercial environment that will serve you for years to come

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